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Business English Language Course

Having successfully completed our business English course you will be able to effectively communicate at workplace, arrange and actively participate in business meetings as well as negotiate and close deals. Our course is not limited to just oral communication. We have a number of sessions dedicated to business correspondence along with basic legal English terminology to enable you to read or draft business agreements.

Upon successful completion of each level you will be able to perform the following actions

Level 1


Introduce your job, give a simple description of your workplace, arrange a meeting with colleagues, introduce a co-worker, read a business card, understand basic job and company information, understand and respond to common job interview questions, comment on your co-workers, agree with people you work with, make a recommendation about a colleague.

Level 2


Talk about good and bad experiences, write about a business relationship, ask about and describe an employee, talk with your manager, ask for, or give professional advice, attend a meeting, facilitate a meeting, make statements about work tasks, write a summary of a meeting, solve problems, welcome business guests, attend a professional event and summarize it for your boss, make a business contact, prepare a business proposal verbally and in writing.

Level 3


Deal with confidential information, discuss business changes, talk about professional development, reply to a job advert, arrange a job interview, respond to job interview questions, conclude an interview, compare training courses, describe office culture in your country, your dream job, talk and write about your career plans, arrange a business meeting, write a summary of a business meeting, plan a business trip, book a hotel for a business trip.

Level 4


Prepare for a negotiation, state your position, negotiate offers and proposals, close a deal, discuss workplace safety, open a meeting, discuss proposals in a meeting, conclude a meeting, talk about next actions, write a meeting summary, open a presentation, present information clearly, conclude a presentation, talk about a presentation, discuss life at work.

Level 5


Summarise your work experience, discuss your professional strengths and weaknesses, talk and write about your career in the past, present and future, talk about how your working environment affects you, understand a business contract.

Level 6


Write about corporate social responsibility, write about ‘green’ businesses, discuss the effect of an event upon your company, compare different salaries, discuss education and training, give advice on finding work-life balance, discuss industrial ethics, evaluate a product proposal, describe creative processes, evaluate and select an investment scheme, share your opinions about financial planning.

Level 7


Discuss human resources with management, report cost of products to management, discuss leadership and championship, teamwork, cooperation, productivity issues, business expansion, globalisation and business outsourcing.  

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